3 Simple Ways to be Mindful

Mindfulness reminds me of my big brown Labrador, also known as Osito. One minute I call and he comes. The next, he saunters away, mastering the art of doing whatever he wants. Luckily I put more time into mindfulness than dog training, so here are 3 easy ways to come back to now…

1) Notice Your Breath:

For thousands of years, meditators have been using breath awareness to become more present. Here’s how:

Shift your attention by feeling, right now, what it’s like to be breathing. Don’t think about it, just feel, just notice. Do it for five breaths, then see if you can keep noticing as you read on. Do it now! (It’s always now, haha).

2) Listen!

Most listening is filtered through thought, but now, just for a moment, listen to the sounds around you. See if you can listen without getting lost in the labelling and judgements of your mind. Listen like a cat trying to locate a mouse, no thought, just sound. Try it now!

3) Notice Your Body:

Take a moment to feel what is happening inside your body right now without getting lost in judgements or stories about the sensations. See if you can just experience each sensation, get to know it, and see what is arising inside you in this moment. Try it now!

4) (Bonus for reading so far!) Putting it all Together:

Feel your breath as it passes in and out of your body. As you do so, listen to the sounds around you, noticing them with openness. As you listen and breath, take note of what is happening in your body. Allow breath awareness to take your attention inside and see what is going on in there. Whenever you get lost in a thought, use the breath to start this process again.

What did you notice when you stepped away from thought?

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