A Message From The Future

Have you ever been to the future?

What is the future anyway, but a thought in your head.

Have you ever been there? Have you ever visited this place that takes up so much attention?

For me, the future takes up a lot of airtime in my head, whether it’s a task I have to do or something that might happen in the future. As I watch this process unfold, I am amazed at the power and durability of this thinking pattern, which serves absolutely no purpose.

Of course, planning ahead is a useful skill, as is the ability to decide what to do next, but true change comes not from planning but from action, which can only be taken now.

So future is, at best, a pale shadow of something useful, or a precursor, a stage we move through before taking action, which is what really matters. Even future as a stage is often not needed, as spontaneous action can emerge without any planning necessary.

At worst, future is a massive drag, a burden that leads humanity down the path of procrastination (which requires a story of the future) and stupidity, because we’re hoping it will all work out in the end. The stress that this process creates is immense, as is the trail of destruction we leave as a future-focussed species.

So the next time you find yourself obsessing over this thing we call future, ask yourself:

Does it even exist?

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