Just One Breath

September 16, 2014

Can you be present for just one breath? Can you step out of the habitual mental noise and wake up, just for this instant? Can you feel yourself breathing right now?

If you can feel the breath, if you’re aware of the movement of your chest, it’s very hard for the mind to take over. Living like this, instant by instant, mindfulness seems to descend, although it was in you all along.

But when you deliberately pay attention, it seems that it’s like putting a call out to the universe, which inevtiably responds.

Remember, you can only be awake for just this instant. Nothing else exists.

How to Reduce The Power of Thoughts With Mindfulness

May 4, 2013

There’s one simple way to reduce the power of thoughts, and that is to simply notice them. The more you watch, the more thoughts seem laughable and irrelevant (most of the time anyway) instead of powerful and important. Here are some things you may notice as you start to notice those thoughts: […more]

Melbourne Mindfulness Workshop

April 1, 2013

Mindfulness teachings can be a little complicated sometimes, either steeped in mythology or cloaked in psychobabble. If that works for you, great! If not, a workshop with Peace Through Mindfulness might be more up your alley.

Every time I teach, my goal is to show you the way to mindfulness as simply and quickly as possible, so my workshops are practical and experiential, letting you easily learn how to bring your attention into the present moment. This will allow you to let thoughts come and go without bothering you, fully experience even challenging emotions and improve your overall quality of life.

To see how simply I explain mindfulness, check out the Uk’s favourite mindfulness ebook – Mindfulness Plain & Simple.

I haven’t taught in Melbourne for a while, so on Saturday the 18th of May, 2013, I will be returning to the Northcote Town Hall for a brand new mindfulness workshop that promises to be my most effective yet:

“What Frogs Can’t Teach You (isn’t worth knowing)…”

You may have noticed some frogs hanging around this website, and they’re not there just for their looks. Frogs are my mascot for another reason – they live in two worlds. Like these amphibians, mindfulness practitioners have one foot in the world of the mind and the other in this present moment, and in this practical, simple workshop, you will learn the skills needed to be as happy as a frog. To explain what you can expect at a Peace Through Mindfulness workshop, I recorded this hopelessly amateur video.

If you want to book, email me with your name, number and how many spots you’d like to book, as well as any questions you have about the workshop.

To book your spot, head to the contact page.

To hear how I conduct my mindfulness sessions, head to the guided meditation section of my blog.

And finally, to get a head start by getting a copy of my ebook, head to Amazon!

Dramas, Dinosaurs, Jagulars and Jealousy – The Mindfulness of Children

March 14, 2013
“Piglet took Pooh’s arm, in case Pooh was frightened.
‘Is it one of the fiercer animals?’ he said, looking the other way.
Pooh nodded, ‘It’s a Jagular,’ he said.
‘What do Jagulars do?’ asked Piglet, hoping that they wouldn’t…”

I found the cure, and it was staring me in the face all along. The cure for sibling jealousy, temper tantrums and all sorts of other fierce creatures. The answer, of course is mindfulness…

My son Liam is three and a half. His sister, Freya, is seven months old, so needless to say his life has completely changed in a short space of time, and he is old enough to remember what it was like when he was the only small person in the house. So after swimming tonight, when Liam told me […more]

Why Mindfulness is a Critical Tool for Living with MS

March 12, 2013

This week we have a special guest post by Gareth Walker, creator of www.everyday-mindfulness.org and The Everyday Mindfulness Forum, practitioner, blogger and all around inspiration. In this article, Gareth embodies true acceptance; letting things be as they are whilst doing all you can to improve them. Here is Gareth without further ado:

“I have MS; it is now fairly obvious that it is of the progressive variety. I have had symptoms on and off since 2006, but in 2009 the symptoms came back and have gradually been getting worse ever since. Being diagnosed with MS is, as you’d imagine, a traumatic and hyper-stressful experience. I am still a relatively young man, but all of a sudden the future that I had imagined for myself was taken away from me. I was pretty much […more]

Mindfulness Workouts – Episode 8

February 27, 2013

In this recording from my weekly mindfulness class in Bendigo, Australia, we come back to this wonderful Now and see what’s happening. 40 Minutes of intense presence.

Mindfulness Workouts – Episode 7

February 27, 2013

In this recording from my weekly mindfulness class in Bendigo, Australia, we explore the 4 elements of mindfulness in this 40 minute session.

Mindfulness Workouts – Episode 6

February 27, 2013

In this recording from my weekly mindfulness class in Bendigo, Australia, we explore and examine the peace that’s there, even in the midst of chaos.

Mindfulness Workouts – Episode 5

February 12, 2013

Another mindfulness session live from Bendigo, Australia, in which we find ourselves, the awareness under the thoughts.

Mindfulness Workouts – Episode 4

February 12, 2013

In this workout recorded in my class in Bendigo, Australia, we practised the art of total acceptance of whatever is right now.

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