Mindfulness Workouts: Episode 3

January 24, 2013

In this 40 minute workout at my class in Bendigo last night, we explored this moment from head to toe in 5 short exercises. Thanks to the lovely students who came, it wouldn’t be so much fun by myself. And thanks for all staying awake. Even my wife struggles to do that when I talk for 40 minutes straight.


Oli Doyle.

Stop Training Yourself!

January 12, 2013

“Mindfulness trains you to pay attention to the present moment.” Bullshit.

“Mindfulness is a set of skills that will enhance your life.” Bullshit.

“Through mindfulness, you experience life as it is.” Double bullshit.

Oops, sorry to smash the doctrine in the first line, and pardon my French, but it’s time to come clean on the truth about mindfulness: it’s not anything, it’s not a skill and it’s not something you can learn. Sorry. Most teachings start with the “train yourself” idea, and from there, you’re pointing in the wrong direction, straight into the woods, so the faster you run the more […more]

Mindful Workouts: Episode 2

January 10, 2013

Hello Mindfulness Masters,

Today’s mindfulness workout will get you in touch with one of the most powerful mindfulness tools available: yourself. In the background of our lives, behind all the activity – thoughts, sights, sounds, events – there is a quiet awareness that just watches, that is who you are. This sounds a bit airy, but try this 10 minute workout and you’ll see what I mean. Getting in touch with this awareness is a powerful practice as it reveals that peace is always there inside you, only you need to know where to look.


Oli Doyle

Mindfulness Workouts: Episode 1

January 9, 2013

Good evening mindfulness masters,

Welcome to the first mindfulness workout to grace the Peace Through Mindfulness landscape. As far as I’m concerned, 2013 is the year of mindfulness, and I hope this workout is the perfect start to your 2013 practice.

In this practical, 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation, we explore 5 mindfulness techniques that you can easily practise in your everyday life.

If you’d like the mp3 by email to add to your playlist at home, please contact me.


Oli Doyle

Breath as an Anchor

November 27, 2012

Perhaps the simplest, most powerful practice we can employ is to continually come back to the breath. Breathing is always there, always with us (until it’s not), and even in the midst of internal chaos it’s possible to step back and pay attention to a couple of breaths. From there, it’s much easier to notice what else is happening here and now. To experience this right now, I have added a recording of a recent class I led here in Bendigo. We used the breath as a starting point to explore what else is happening now. I hope you enjoy.

The Stillness Beneath

November 27, 2012

The mind is so noisy that it’s hard to believe that underneath that noise and business, everyone is deadly quiet. The peace there is palpable, not in some deep spiritual way, just in a simple, quiet, real sense. Last week at Nowfulness in Bendigo, we spent a good 40 minutes swimming in this stillness. It was so good I wanted to share, so below I have added the recording of the class. I hope you enjoy.

The Nowful Secret to a Strong Immune System

October 25, 2012

One thing I used to hate was getting sick, and this time of year, when seasons are changing and the weather can be unpredictable, illness can run a bit wild. Since I have practised bringing my focus more and more into the present, I’ve noticed a couple of interesting things when it comes to getting sick:

1) Being in the here and now, rather than worrying about how long it will last makes being sick less stressful, almost fun and

2) Bringing awareness into the body right now seems to clear the illness more quickly.

Of course, I haven’t lab tested any of this, but I invite you to test it yourself. The podcast below is from a class I ran last week in Bendigo, in which we used body awareness to boost our energy levels.

So let me ask you when you’ve finished: Do you feel more energetic?

Knowing Who You Really Are Changes Everything

October 21, 2012

In my weekly class last week, we corrected a major mistake made by most meditation teachers and teachings: We started by clarifying the most important point – Am I my thoughts? Or am I something else?

I won’t spoil the surprise by answering for you, but I podcasted the class and decided to share the first half of it here, as a little Nowful boost to your week’s practise. It runs about 20 minutes, so get comfy and sink deep into this wonderful moment, in which everything happens…


One Tip For a Nowful Day

October 21, 2012

When people come to my classes, they sometimes tell me it’s like a little reminder in their week that this moment is all there is, that you aren’t your thoughts and that life is simple and uncomplicated. But in between classes? It’s not so easy to remember, but here’s one tip to help remind you that Now is everything…

Just do this and forget about what comes next.

Your mind is accustomed to looking to the next thing for satisfaction, to trying to “get everything done” so there’s time to relax and therefore to doing things as quickly as possible. Today, try giving your total attention to the task you’re doing now, to this conversation, this breath, this instant. Just forget about the past and future unless you need them now (to remember or plan something). Otherwise, drop them as reference points and experience this exact instant, in which everything happens.

Try it today and see what happens to “my worries” when Now becomes your main focus.


How to Sleep Well…Even When You Don’t

September 9, 2012

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get to sleep, lying there, tossing, turning and thinking about how tired you will be tomorrow. Luckily, though, there is a simple solution to end all this struggle and make every night a good night, no matter how much you sleep. What’s the big secret? […more]

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