Mindfulness Plain and Simple

by Oli Doyle

Insightful, affordable and written in everyday language,  Mindfulness Plain & Simple highlights with clarity and humour the plight of humans, a species lost in thought. Featuring a delightful mix of examples, explanations and exercises, this little gem is a popular choice for everyday people searching for a little peace and contentment.

I could go on, but I’ll let the reviews speak for themselves…

Oli Doyle

Available on paperback and for Kindle

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Praise for Mindfulness Plain & Simple

“I have read and re-read ‘Mindfulness Plain and Simple’ numerous times over the past 12 months. Having this book serves as a constant and simple reminder to stop, and come back, fully into the present moment. With this reminder, comes an overwhelming sense of calmness. During times of ‘stress’ and heightened emo- tion, I find gentle reminders come to mind quite naturally now, to STOP my thoughts racing into the fears and doubts of the future, and JUST BE PRESENT. It is incredible to feel the power of this simple method in practice.”

Julia, September 24, 2011

“This book offers a practical and succinct distillation of what I recognise as general principles of Buddhism adapted for every day, modern western life. It sticks to the point and there is not a statue or chant in sight!… Keep it by the bed and read some everyday!”

From amazon.com, September 15, 2011

“I really enjoyed this. Simple, step by step, nothing overwhelmnig and explains things very well. A book I can go back to and re-read and get something out of it, each and every time. Recommend it!”

Kaz, February 1st, 2011

“I bought this book because I was interested in mindfulness but didn’t want to get bogged down in something long difficult and expensive.
This book is really good (I think).
Its certainly better than two others I have subsequently bought. One approaches mindfulness as if you had particular problems – which I didn;t relate to – to solve. The other was just a kind of word processor: there were lots of words but not much meaning – and this was from a prolific “mindfulness author”.
This book has had good results for me so far in prosaic things (like sleeping better) and I am expecting more….”

Chazza, Amazon review.

“This book is one of my very best reads to date.
I could highly recommend it to anyone. A must read for anyone on the Mindful Journey or who needs help becoming free from anxiety or depression…”

Steve Haines, Amazon Review.

“Succinct, yet warm, accessible yet meaningful. For these reasons this is by far the best book on mindfulness i have ever read. Highly recommended; do yourself a kindness and buy this wondeful little book.”

Amazon review.

“I read a lot of books on meditation, Buddhism and mindfulness and this has to be one of the best. It is written well with good examples and explains fully how to be more mindful through life every day. I would love to meet the author as he comes across as patient and an excellent teacher. Brilliant.”

Rachel, Amazon review.

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