Breath as an Anchor

Perhaps the simplest, most powerful practice we can employ is to continually come back to the breath. Breathing is always there, always with us (until it’s not), and even in the midst of internal chaos it’s possible to step back and pay attention to a couple of breaths. From there, it’s much easier to notice what else is happening here and now. To experience this right now, I have added a recording of a recent class I led here in Bendigo. We used the breath as a starting point to explore what else is happening now. I hope you enjoy.

2 Responses to Breath as an Anchor

  1. Davian says December 8, 2012

    Great stuff, you heepld me out so much!

  2. Demelza says December 8, 2012

    I’ve been looking for a post like this forveer (and a day)

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