Happy…no matter what

What if you could be happy, even when your mind says life is turning to shit? Even when everything you thought was important is collapsing around you? True happiness is like this. True happiness is Nowfulness…

People consistently tell me that happiness depends on what’s happening outside, that life should just do what it’s told! Then we could all be happy! But happiness doesn’t depend on what happens, it depends on where your attention is right now. Is it focused on this moment? Or lost in a thought? This is the only thing that matters.

At Peace Through Mindfulness, we know happiness, we know Nowfulness, and we know not to take ourselves or our teaching too seriously. Oli, our Nowfulness coach, is proudly unqualified and unaffiliated with any tradition or teacher, so quality classes (and books) are his only source of credibility. We also know that honesty is the best policy, so here are the facts:

  1. Meditation is boring, but it makes life more fun.

    Sitting still and breathing is not exciting, it’s not action packed and it isn’t wild (not even remotely). It brings benefits, but the boredom creates a barrier, resistance, reluctance and negativity for some of us. Mindfulness is different.

  2. The only thing more boring than meditation is listening to someone talk about meditation.

    Our core principle is practicality, so everything we squeeze into your class is there for a purpose: to put you in the midst of this lively moment. Philosophy is useless when it comes to experiencing life to the fullest, so we’re determined to use the least amount of words necessary to put you in that zone and show you how to keep going back there. Simple, effective, practical.

  3. Meditation is easy, but teachers make it complicated.

    “A complicated teaching empowers the teacher. A simple teaching empowers the student.” Says Oli, our Nowfulness Coach. “So making things complicated puts the teacher in charge of your happiness. I don’t want that headache thanks very much (dealing with myself is quite enough) so my classess are designed to put you in control. This simplicity leads to confidence that you can get the most out of each moment of life, which is much more satisfying than me pulling the strings.”

  4. Mindfulness is interesting, and it makes life come alive!

    A class with us isn’t any ordinary class, it’s an experience, with every activity designed to increase your appreciation for life and your ability to notice what’s happening now. Life gets vivid, it pulsates and you feel like the world is alive, which it is, by the way.

Extras included in the class

  • Small Class Size

  • Email Support

  • And nothing else!

    We won’t add anything unless it adds to your experience.


“I participated in the Mindfulness workshop in late 2010 and since that time I have enjoyed the centred way of being which I learned in that weekend. It has given me a sense of control and perspective which I thought I could only witness in others but not experience myself. The way of moving through life taught in this workshop is unequalled having experienced other programs which provided temporary sense of emotional release but not providing a stable sense and perspective on which to live your life. I found the weekend workshop enjoyable, fun and funny. Oli Doyle is a unique person wrapped in under- statement which penetrates your being and allows the experience of mindfulness to continue within you without the need for his further contact. It really is a gift you should really give yourself because it really allows you to live your own life.”

-Trish Devlin

Check out our podcast of last week’s class below:

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