How to Reduce The Impact of Stress and Anxiety

I spent years struggling with stress and anxiety at times, never clinically so, but enough to make me have some shit days! After 20+ years of trying NOT to be stressed, and feeling, well, MORE STRESSED, I stumbled upon a simple trick that I have been practising and refining ever since…

Don’t Stress About Stress!

Yep that’s it, that’s my tip. Sounds either stupid or obvious, but it’s the true key to a happy life. The trick is this: when you notice stress in the body, accept it totally, feel it as if it were nothing more than a physical sensation that would pass eventually (here’s a tip, it is!). Now, I just treat stress like I would pins and needles after sitting down too long, or the pain when I stub my toe. It’s no problem, it’s just a sensation in my body right now, one of the millions of things happening this instant (and gone the next). Mastering this means that I never stress about stress, I just notice it. And when I do this, stress can’t touch me, it can’t worry me, it just comes and goes. And you know what else?

Peace is Contagious!

The more I make peace with stress and anxiety, the calmer people around me become. I can virtually watch their stress drain away, the more time they spend with me when I’m in this space. So if someone around you is “too stressed”, try making friends with your own stress. You’ll be amazed how your life will change.

3 Responses to How to Reduce The Impact of Stress and Anxiety

  1. carolyn says September 9, 2012

    Sweet, Ol. Will utilize ‘like pins and needles’ ‘stubbed toe’ pain. Perfect. :-)

  2. jen says September 16, 2012

    Stress is my friend :)

  3. carolyn says September 18, 2012

    Too true! Ive had these same insights whilst doing meditating in really uncomfortable positions.. especially whilst being bitten by tiny ants.

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