No Self, No Problems

All human problems arise from the single belief that you exist separately from the rest of the world, so try this:

Close your eyes and take your attention inside right now and see if you can find that thing you call ‘Me’. Find something that is consistent (not like a thought, belief, feeling or body), and something that is undeniably you. Can you find it?

All I can find is awareness, that’s the one consistent part of my life experience, everything else changes.

And that awareness is the same in you, so lucky me, I stopped existing!

Now, life is easy, there’s no-one to be offended, upset, worried or anxious (except when I forget). And since you and I are the same, we can get on great, as I don’t need to compete with you, or fear you, or try to get something from you.

No self, no problem. Easy.

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