One Tip For a Nowful Day

When people come to my classes, they sometimes tell me it’s like a little reminder in their week that this moment is all there is, that you aren’t your thoughts and that life is simple and uncomplicated. But in between classes? It’s not so easy to remember, but here’s one tip to help remind you that Now is everything…

Just do this and forget about what comes next.

Your mind is accustomed to looking to the next thing for satisfaction, to trying to “get everything done” so there’s time to relax and therefore to doing things as quickly as possible. Today, try giving your total attention to the task you’re doing now, to this conversation, this breath, this instant. Just forget about the past and future unless you need them now (to remember or plan something). Otherwise, drop them as reference points and experience this exact instant, in which everything happens.

Try it today and see what happens to “my worries” when Now becomes your main focus.


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