Pain is My Teacher


As we believe the stories of the mind, we inevitably experience stress, which is often stored in the body. This stress can then become the subject of more mental stories, the cause of more problems, or it can guide us back to now, back to happiness. With this attitude, even aches and pains can become our teachers.

Mindfulness and Football?


How does supporting a football team relate to mindfulness? In more ways than you’d think.

What are we waiting for?


We all have to wait sometimes: for the train, for a new job, for the world to change. You can either wait with joy and peace, or with boredom and frustration, either way you’ll still be waiting.

WARNING: This video contains techno music!

Acceptance (is not a dirty word)!


Acceptance is the most misunderstood term in mindfulness teaching. This is what it really means:

Can a Labrador Teach us Mindfulness?


Is it possible for a hairy, drooling, always hungry bear-like dog to teach us how to be mindful? Hell yes.

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