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Easily the hardest thing about mindfulness is not learning the skills, which are painfully simple, but regularly practising. The reason for this is that mindfulness is not exciting, fun or appealing to the thinking mind, and the thinking mind makes most of our decisions. So for many, practise goes in cycles, much like fad diets or exercise regimes, you sit every day for a week, then don’t for a month (or three), and so on and so forth. One way to make it easier to stay consisten is to tap into the online resources designed by and for fellow meditators. Here are some of my favourites:

Eckhart Tolle TV:

Now, I know plenty of people love Eckhart’s teaching, and plenty of others see it as a bit too “spiritual”, especially ordinary folks who see mindfulness as a pretty everyday thing, but I think his team have created a pretty useful practice tool with Eckhart TV. It is subscription ($$$) based, but pretty reasonable (especially with weak US$ in Oz) if consistent practice is a priority. I probably spend more a month on coffee, so for me it’s and easy choice, although I only subscribed recently. Anyways, now for some freebies:

OMCru on Twitter:

If you’re on Twitter and into meditation, search the #OMCru (Online Meditation Cru) and you’ll find a stream of like no-minded people sharing their meditation movements. I could explain more, but just go look, you’ll love it.


Ok big shock, YouTube is good. It can also be a tricky place to find what you’re after, but some of my favourites have channels, which makes it easy. My top 2 by far would be Eckhart Tolle’s Channel and Byron Katie’s Channel. Also, for lo-fi handmade recordings with occasional swearing and dogs barking in the background, check out my channel.

But What Else?

Alright, I’m about 25% internet savvy, maybe 30 tops, so what else? What did I miss? Where is the best place to get practice inspiration online?

2 Responses to Supporting Your Practice Online

  1. Alexandra says August 18, 2012

    Thank you Oli, great post. It’s sometimes hard to find exactly what I am looking for on the internet. Getting a link or feedback from someone who has already been there makes it so easy to get what you are after. Thank you for this post. God Bless you and your family, Oli. Love and Peace Alexandra

    • Oli says August 18, 2012

      Thanks so much Alexandra, glad you enjoyed it.

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